Fighter for freedom


I want to thank you for your article covering the remembrance of local Marine, Alfred A. Kaspaul. His personal story certainly struck a chord in my heart. I respect this young man who knew first-hand what a life without freedom was like in East Germany. Out of gratitude for his freedom here in the United States, he chose to give back and serve his new country. He had the vision and the heart to appreciate exactly what this freedom means.

Today, our political issues are very different. The threat to liberty, freedom and democracy comes at us from a much different angle. This very week, we have lost young servicemen in Iraq. It is my hope and prayer that we will always value the sacrifices made by young people, young Americans like Sgt. Alfred A. Kaspaul who know the deeper values in this nation will not continue to exist unless we are willing to die for them.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Kaspaul family for raising a son who was not afraid to truly love this country. I grieve for their loss but I do not underestimate the meaning of his life. I only wish he could have enjoyed more of it here in beautiful Malibu. May this park be a fond memory of Sgt. Kaspaul and others who have selflessly sacrificed their lives for this wonderful nation.

Wendy Wolff