Home — or Anywhere but Home — for the Holidays?

Home -- or Anywhere but Home -- for the Holidays?

(StatePoint) During the holidays, you may be seeking comfort, whether that’s the comfort of home — or anywhere but home.

With travel precautions making possibilities somewhat limited this year, you may not be able to take the exact trip you’ve been dreaming about. However, whether or not you leave home this holiday season, you can find the comfort you’re seeking in the following ways:

• Revisit fond memories. If you can’t travel this holiday season, you can still take a trip down memory lane and safely relive your favorite trips and activities. Unearth your most prized travel mementos, such as pictures, ticket stubs and playbills, and make a scrapbook.

• Home is where the food is. Looking to conjure the aromas and flavors of your childhood? Connect with family members and ask them for recipes. Craving the cuisine of a dream destination? Plan a themed cooking night. If you need a little assistance in expanding your culinary repertoire, consider a virtual cooking class or meal kit. Or, simply venture out for a meal.

• Cultivate culture. Like never before, the world is at our fingertips, from virtual experiences offering never-before-seen access to museums and cultural meccas to classes in literally everything. Let your fingers do the walking and immerse yourself in the culture, language, sights and sounds of your favorite destinations.  

• Plan your next trip. Yes, really. Recent data from trivago shows that consumers are already planning for next year’s holiday season, particularly during the week of Christmas. Planning now can make this holiday season seem a little brighter. And if you are not comfortable booking travel too far from home just yet, explore possibilities just a train ride or short drive from your home. Travel sites like trivago offer the ability to discover getaways that are still relatively close to home. To get inspired for your next trip, visit trivago.com.

While you’re thinking of that dream trip, you don’t have to stay put. There is a whole world out there – whether it’s down the block, a short road trip away or accessed online — that can be visited safely with proper planning and precautions.


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