Planetary Themes for the Month of February

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.


As Mars transits your sign through the 9th of March, you are in a strong cycle for self-assertion and going after what you desire. Just remember to avoid making hasty decisions and impulsive actions. As Venus enters your sign this month on the 3rd, you can be a magnet for attracting more of the good stuff, including love. 



You can gain much from your alone time this month. This may be required to help you become more balanced. Be willing to turn within; examine issues and what is truly important to you. Your artistic side also wants to come out more and be expressed. Becoming more physically active is a good idea to release pent-up energy. 



Your serious and ambitious side continues to run the show through the 6th. On the 7th, a positive shift occurs for you. You can feel like moving ahead in a new direction with greater mental clarity. Trust your intuition and be willing to think outside the box. New opportunities can open through your social interactions. 



Career- and work-related matters might take center stage. Much can be accomplished toward achieving your goals. Avoid “all work and no play.” Spending some time alone and with significant others will be necessary to keep things in balance. After the 7th, a closer examination of finances will do you some good.



You are in a favorable cycle for exploring new possibilities, travel and higher education. Your freedom and independence take on more importance. There is also the urge to break free from unwanted responsibilities. After the 7th, relationships are highlighted. You can also attract some unusual types of people. 



This is a month to explore the unknown and hidden mysteries. This can include a deeper look into your inner self and issues. An adjustment with your financial expenditures or debt obligations can do you some good. Think of new, innovative ways to increase earnings. After the 7th, your original ideas can take you far. 



On the 3rd, you are ready for action. It’s time to step forward and take the initiative. Move in some new directions and let go of issues from the past. Relationships take on more importance, but remember to keep your boundaries. You may be dealing with some self-oriented people. Your needs are also important.



The focus is on work, getting things done, health and fitness. You could easily burn the candle at both ends if you are not careful. Practice moderation. Family and domestic matters may require you to become more flexible with your views. After the 18th, your sensitivity can help you deepen connections with others. 



You are ready for the expression of more creativity and passion in your life. Your love life can also heat up. After the 7th, be open to new ideas and interact socially. New opportunities can open up through larger groups or networking with others. After the 18th, spending more time at home or with the family brings things in balance. 



There is more activity in store at the home front or with family matters. You may feel compelled to make some changes in your living environment. This is a good time to pursue higher education or learn new subjects. After the 7th, you can become more interested in implementing new ideas for increasing earnings. 



Spending more alone time and lying low is probably a good idea until the 7th. After the 7th, it’s a good time to come forth with your new ideas and take action. You may feel restless as your mind is working overtime. Consider writing a blog or journaling. Connecting with friends or some travel will bring things more in balance.



Working behind the scenes can remain important to you through the 17th. You are probably feeling the urge to make some changes in the financial area of life. It’s time to take action with new money-making ideas or ways of eliminating unnecessary expenses. On the 18th, you can get better connected with your inner needs.