Letter: Litany of woes under Obama


Mr. Obama does not deserve a second term.

First, his foreign policy has been naive. Somehow he truly believes that he can sit down and have a beer with some of those that hate us and he can make things nice-nice. This is dangerous. Certain cultures respect nothing but power and, paradoxically, it is the projection of that power that makes America and the Free World safer and hopefully eliminates the necessity for foreign involvement. The attack on the anniversary of 9/11 on our unprotected ambassador in Libya should remind us that the radical Islamists have declared war on us.

Nowhere has Mr. Obama’s world view become more dangerous than in failing to stand by Israel. Americans and especially American Jews must never forget that the West ignored another tyrant who pledged the destruction of the Jewish people. Mr. Obama rebuffing a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu and our President’s obvious disdain of Israel only plays into the hands of extremists and creates a scenario that makes a preemptive attack by Israel more likely.

Mr. Obama has failed in the promises he made to all of us in 2008. Instead of bringing us together, which was the main argument he used to choose him over Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Edwards, he has divided Americans for political gain. Instead of the more open and transparent administration he promised, the last four years have been Chicago politics moved to Washington. And Chicago style scandals such as Soylindra and AFst and Furious have followed.

Mr. Obama is eerily distant from the political process in Congress. It is the President’s job to forge compromise with the two sides in Congress. Presidents Bush, Clinton and Reagan all did this when the other side was in control. Mr. Obama campaigns or plays golf.

Mr. Obama’s record on the economy is dismal. The Keynesian economics he follows has never worked. Japan followed the same policies and has been in a recession for 20 years. Mr. Obama brags about how many jobs the “government” created. But he neglects that these are less than the number needed just to keep even as each month people leave jobs and new people enter the workforce. In reality the number of employed Americans is fewer than when he took office. The American middle class is slipping further and further behind. College kids with huge debts feel lucky to work at Starbucks. Many workers have simply given up. This is a direct result of the huge deficit spending It sucks money from the economy that businesses could have invested to create jobs.

Americans face a huge and continuing loss of wealth. Our debt has mushroomed out of control and Mr. Obama has done little but campaign endlessly and increase entitlements that can never be honored. He claims Mr. Romney’s tax plan is what got us into this mess. What got us into this mess is years of deficit spending capped by the housing bubble that burst. We have suffered the worst recession since the 1930s and because of Mr. Obama’s policies the pain is in vain. We are not poised for a booming recovery but a Japan-like situation of continued stagnation.

I don’t’ know if Mr. Romney can turn all this around but he deserves a chance. If Mr. Obama is re-elected we will end up with a shattered economy, continued recession, runaway inflation and ten dollar a gallon gasoline. Or worse.

Submitted by Scott Dittrich