Malibu Magic: Benefits of Managed IT Services for Malibu Businesses

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(TACT) As a business owner in Malibu, you already have enough on your plate. Of course, your business depends fully on IT infrastructure.

Without it, you won’t be able to accept payments, send emails, update documents, or take care of administrative tasks.

 You can reduce some of the headaches of keeping your IT in tip-top shape by outsourcing to IT managed services.

 Read on to find out how the real benefits of managed IT services in Malibu will help your business.

 1. Security

The number one concern for businesses is security. Businesses large and small are frequently targeted by hackers for credit card and banking information.

 Data breaches can cost business millions of dollars and 60% close within six months of a breach.

When you outsource your IT needs, you’re ensuring that your systems are secure. They’ll take care of the upgrades and updates required.

2. Predictable Costs

There’s a big difference in your budget when you outsource IT and keep it in-house. One of the big benefits of managed IT services is that you have fixed costs.

Keeping everything in house means that if a server breaks or something needs to be upgraded, you need to front the costs to replace them. 

With a managed service, you don’t need to worry about that. You’re working with the service provider’s infrastructure. 

3. Focus on Your Business

Business owners tend to spend their days putting out fires. Sometimes, those fires are related to technology issues. 

For about a third of small businesses, you and your staff wear many hats including the technology hat. Your accounting team may be amazing at accounting, but they’re not IT experts.

 When you work with a managed IT service provider, they shoulder those headaches. That allows you to focus on what you do best. That frees up your time to get more clients and serve them.

 4. IT Grows with Your Business

One of the toughest decisions for businesses is to decide when to invest in growth and when to hold off. You don’t want to invest in a ton of technology if you don’t have the staff or the revenue to support it.

Yet, if you make those investments, your business could flourish. It’s a tough decision to make. 

Managed IT services allows you to grow when you’re ready to grow without making a risky investment in new technology and equipment. All you have to do is upgrade your managed IT plan. 

5. Less IT Investment Means Less Risk

How much would it cost your business to invest in IT from the ground up? Then calculate how much it would cost to hire skilled workers to manage and maintain everything.

That’s a significant investment. For startups, that capital could be better invested elsewhere in the business. 

Managed IT gives you the technology and the flexibility that your business needs without having to make such significant investments. That will lower your risk in the long run.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

You can’t escape technology to run your business. Every single department depends on technology to function. 

There are many benefits of managed IT services, including predictable costs and less risk for your business.

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