From the Fire Chief: Weather or Not?

weather tips.jpg

Did you know March is designated as National Severe Weather Awareness Month? As fire chiefs, we exchange best practices during significant incidents or events. Many times these are weather-related incidents. When I listen to my colleagues across the country, they discuss their tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, severe floods, thunderstorms, etc. I am amazed at what some states have to contend with. No doubt, these can be deadly and damaging. When my turn is up, there seems to be a chuckle about California weather and being the “Golden State.” No doubt, we are fortunate to have some of the best weather than most states and the other fire chiefs love to rib me about it!

Truth is, we do have our share of severe weather—a bit different from other states, but without a doubt, we do have severe weather in California. Depending on where you live, we can have severe winds, flashfloods, drought, heat waves, snow, rip currents and high waves, lightning, and poor air quality from wildfires just to name a few. 

It is our responsibility to educate the communities we serve not only fire and life safety information, but the hazards associated with the various types of weather. 

The National Weather Service (NWS) provided this “all hazards weather guide”, which fire chiefs can use as a PSA to disseminate information to the community.

Depending on the type and severity, weather patterns can easily strain and stretch our resources. 

Keeping your community educated and prepared can help mitigate death, damage and injuries. 

So, what is your choice today—umbrella or sunscreen? Only in California!