Sneak Preview to 2010

BeauRivage will feature a menu of holiday favorites and live music for New Year?s Eve. Photo by Dave Lichten

Malibu psychic predicts better times ahead.

By Kim Devore / Special to The Malibu Times

An economic meltdown, a real estate bust, widespread flu fears, uncertainty, anxiety and a new president with a great deal of work to do. Add them all up and they spell 2009. Some say things couldn’t get much worse. Will they? Or will 2010 bring a surge of sunnier days? We asked Malibu’s longtime psychic Averi Torres to peer into her crystal ball and share her insight.

Torres, who describes herself as Malibu’s resident psychic, has been giving readings to a loyal following for more than 20 years. When the New Year draws near, she is happy to issue her annual predictions.

While none of our major issues will be resolved overnight, Torres sees an improvement on many fronts. “I feel good,” she said. “My overview of the year is manifestation, expansion and growth, with people making important choices in their lives.”

She also sees a change in attitudes. “When things were rolling, if you liked something, you could buy two of them. Now you might have to buy just one,” she said. “These days people have to stop and think about what is important to them and why. In that regard, there is good that’s coming out of this.”

As Torres turns her attention to the year ahead, she sees a better economy in general and gradual gains in job growth. “The market will still be somewhat crazy, but overall earnings will do well. The advertising market will slowly turn around in 2010 and the housing market will improve. I don’t see any gigantic jump, but we will begin to see progress with the programs that our current president is putting into place.”

Torres, who said she recently predicted the East Coast’s monster snowstorms, said those colder climes could expect more of the same. As for Malibu, she has concerns about the fire season. “Overnight camping is devastating to our community,” she said, adding, “We don’t need to create a tragedy.”

When it comes to the international scene, Torres said to expect more tension in areas like Afghanistan. She said she sees continued danger in Iran and an increase in piracy on the high seas.

On the entertainment front, she sees huge success for singer Adam Lambert. According to Torres, the “American Idol” glam rocker could become bigger than Elvis. In sports, she predicts the Lakers will be headed for another championship.

In addition to overall improvement in 2010, Torres said that advanced communication would affect everything from medical breakthroughs to global warming. “Sites like Twitter and Facebook are bringing people together who will be making a difference. They will be taking action and that is very exciting.”