Gay Porn Accusations Fly Amongst GOP Candidates – 101 Still Closed – SMMUSD Probe Release On Th


Santa Monica school board members will announce their self-probe on conflict of interest.

A naked gay love scene in a Hollywood movie becomes a local congressional issue.

The city geologist wants to tell you where the earthquake fault sits … in relationship to your house.

And Kindergarten round up time is approaching.

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101 Remains Closed As LA Deputies Arrive

Dozens of L-A County sheriff’s deputies arrived in Montecito this morning.

They will be bolstering the local police and sheriff’s forces there … enforcing evacuation zones and patrolling for looters.

55 miles up the coast … the estimate is next Monday … for reopening of the 1-0-1 freeway.

No road traffic is allowed between Ventura and Santa Barbara on any street or freeway … other than the long detour through the San Joaquin Valley.

The death toll from last week’s flooding and mud remains at 20.

Three people are missing.

SMMUSD Self-Investigation Probe To Be Released Thursday

Santa Monica school board members will get a report on alleged conflict of interests by board members … at this Thursday night’s board meeting.

Buried deep in the agenda is a discussion of the charges.

The L-A County District Attorney is also investigating … allegations that school board member Maria Leon-Vazquez cast a series of yes votes that significantly benefitted her husband’s employer.

Her husband … Tony Vazquez … is a Santa Monica city council member.

He also has done work for two companies that had contracts with the district … to either manages construction contracts or review insurance contracts.

Maria Leon-Vazquez cast yes votes for nearly 200 thousand dollars in such contracts.

And Leon-Vazquez failed to report that her husband worked for the company …. at up to 8 thousand dollars a month.

Two other board members are also being investigated … one is an architect who did work for the Vazquez family … the other is an employee of a non-profit neighborhood center that the architect did some work for at way below market rates.

Superintendent Ben Drati is overseeing an internal report … from the district’s law firm … which will be revealed at the Thursday board meeting.

The district agenda is detail-free.

It says only that a further review of board policies and regulations and training for board members and senior staff will be discussed. 

Kindergarten Roundup On Feb. 8 At 3 Malibu Schools

The school district is getting ready for this year’s kindergarten roundup.

Elementary schools are planning events for February 8th.

The event allows parents to meet the principal of their neighborhood school, visit classrooms, and begin the registration process for the 2018-19 school year.

Kids are assigned schools based on their home’s location … but Cabrillo Elementary in Malibu Park is the only one of the three schools in Malibu that offers transitional kindergarten.

Traditional kindergarten is offered for kids who fall just a few months short of the regular kindergarten birth date cutoff …. which is now September 1st.

There is a school locator for parents … online (((( at )))) … to determine your neighborhood school.


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More On Local Quakes, Next Wednesday

The City of Malibu is planning a community meeting in one week … to give city residents a better insight on exactly what the local earthquake threat is.

City Geologist Chris Dean will discuss local earthquake faults, the earthquake history of the area, specific locations in Malibu that are vulnerable to land and rock slides, and tsunami inundation areas.

Also … the impact that a major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault could have in Malibu.

People who have lived her for decades used to be able to point our where the visible earthquake fault used to be seen above Malibu High School’s campus …. it’s been covered by houses now.

The town hall meeting is next Wednesday evening … January 24th … at 7 p-m.

Malibu GOP Candidate Accused By Fellow Repub Of Filming Porn 

A movie actor who has appeared nude on screen … in a gay love scene … is raising hackles from fellow Republicans … as he runs for Congress in a district that includes the western tip of Malibu.

Republican Antonio Sabato Junior is among five or six candidates seeking to unseat Congresswoman Julia Brownley.

Brownley is the former Santa Monica Malibu school board member who has held the seat … which has been redistricted to remove Santa Monica and is now mostly Ventura County.

The Republican candidate … Antonio Sabato … is perhaps best known as a soap opera star and underwear model ….

And Republican conservatives are not exactly thrilled with that … according to the Los Angeles Times.

Jeffrey Burum is another Republican trying to unseat Brownley.

The L-A Times quotes him as saying the movies are “pornography” … as Burum has called on Sabato to end his campaign.

Sabato’s supporters say the movies were not pornography.


The National Weather Service says surf will build to 7 to 10 feet today, and that will continue into tomorrow night before slowly subsiding.

Local sets to 12 feet are possible today and tonight at exposed locations like Point Dume,

Surf will decrease somewhat Thursday morning.

But another large, long period swell will likely move into the waters Thursday night.

Even larger surf is expected Friday, possibly averaging 8 to 12 feet.

Local sets to 15 feet are possible.

High surf will likely continue into the weekend, with surf slowly decreasing late in the weekend.


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Winds will be strong this afternoon.

Downcoast winds will be   (((   about 20  )))) miles per hour this afternoon.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((     5:08   )))).

After that … expect it to be (((   partly cloudy  )))) tonight … a low of  ((((   53   )))) on the beach … down to  ((((  49   )))) in the mountains.

Tomorrow should be   ((((  much the same   )))).

There’s a 20 percent chance of rain Thursday night.

40 percent Friday.

More rain again maybe on Monday.

At 8 o’clock … at Trancas it’s ((((    55   )))) degrees.

In upper Malibu Canyon … ((((     59  )))) .

And at Civic Center Los Angeles … ((((    52   )))).

In the ocean … it’s ((((     56   )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((  5 to 8   )))) feet high ….

((((   Solid WNW swell tops out – select focal points 10’+. Deep AM high tide. ))))

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