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Psychic predictions for 2002.

By Kim Devore/Staff Writer

More than any other year in recent memory, 2001 had may of us scratching our heads, asking what the heck is going on and wondering, what’s next? So what is next? Well, local psychics have been busy trying to make some predictions as puzzled people search for answers.

Turning to their tarot cards, crystal balls and Ouija boards, the forecasters say change is upon us. The road ahead remains a little rocky, but the journey will be accompanied by spiritual growth.

“It will still be a year of turmoil-of good versus evil,” says psychic Averi Torres, “but beyond that, we see where we are going and what can be accomplished in a positive way. “

At Malibu Shaman, seer Sheila Hite agrees. “We are being challenged and we will continue to be challenged in the coming year,” she explains. “But, if we learn to stand up for ourselves, that’s where major growth is going to occur.”

Okay, so what about some practical realities like, say, airport security or anthrax?

“Terrorism scares will continue,” says Antonia Lau. “There will be isolated problems in a few big cities, but no major devastation.”

And what’s up Wall Street?

Many of these forecasters say the economy will improve, although slowly. “The economy will start picking up around March or April,” says Hite. “Uncertainty will continue until after tax time, then people will start to feel safer. They’ll realize they’re not going to be blown up and they’ll feel better about their finances.”

Torres says the upturn might take even longer.

“The economy is going to start turning around by the end of the summer and into the third quarter,” she predicts. “You won’t see a skyrocketing, but there will be good investment opportunities. There will be more jobs, businesses will improve and people will get more comfortable about spending.”

Both Hite and Torres sense a whiff of political scandal in the air and believe the Enron debacle will loom large. “Secrets will be revealed,” says Hite, “and a high-ranking member of the cabinet will be forced to resign.”

Politics as usual–a few ups and downs, a little soul searching, a shot of spirituality. If less than letter perfect, the psychic vibe is at least encouraging. So here’s to 2002. After a year of titanic trauma, the absence of anything earth shattering could be a welcome relief.

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