Malibu High School celebrates Homecoming

Homecoming King Dax Andrus escorts Homecoming Queen Eunice Kim down the red carpet. Photos by Sam Rubinroit

Sharks football defeats Villanova, 14-0, in Homecoming game.

By Sam Rubinroit / Special to The Malibu Times

Malibu High School celebrated Homecoming last week as the Sharks’ football team returned home for the final game of the season.

The theme this year was “Welcome to the Circus,” and students enjoyed festivities throughout the week that included tug-of-war competitions between grade levels, animal noise competitions, and, most popular of all, Powder Puff football in which the girls from each grade competed against each other in a flag football game.

The juniors defeated the freshmen in Tuesday’s Powder Puff match-up and the seniors defeated the sophomores on Thursday, but the championship game, set for Friday, was cancelled after the rivalry got out of hand. Though every year opposing teams resort to hair pulling or dousing the other team in silly string, this year the taunting escaladed to the point where a girl’s car was keyed. After witnessing the level at which the rivalry had reached, school administrators decided to cancel the game as a precaution.

At the pep rally on Friday, the homecoming court was announced: freshmen baron and baroness, Kenyon Solomon and Gigi Hadid, sophomore count and countess, Alec McCloskey and Emma Hertz, junior duke and duchess, Davis Thacker and Caroline Kaufman, senior princesses Eunice Kim, Kelcie Meyer and Claudine Book; and senior princes Dax Andrus, Jesse Conrad and Jackson Wirht.

Andrus was crowned Homecoming King at the pep rally by last year’s prince Mario Johnson. At halftime of the football game, last year’s Princess Lara Azzi crowned Kim as Homecoming Queen.

A significant crowd arrived to support the Sharks in their 14-0 victory over Villanova, and at halftime fans enjoyed performances by the first-year MHS cheerleaders, as well as by the school’s dance team and drum line. The Homecoming week culminated with a dance following the football game that included jugglers, stilt walkers and contortionists.