OTC Pot Sales Legal In West Hollywood, Not Malibu – Big Moon Brings High Tides – 36% More Traffic Tickets


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The headlines:

    • Pot may be legal in California … but you can’t buy it in Malibu.
    • That big moon is causing some high high tides.
    • Traffic tickets up 36 percent in Malibu.
    • The Santa Monica Pier will get a makeover.
    • And the conflict of interest probe spreads to three Santa Monica school board members.

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Recreational marijuana may be legal to buy in California.

But not in Malibu.

Like most cities … Malibu is still limiting cannabis sales to medical purposes only.

But the city council has asked its staff to come up with an ordinance to allow pot sales at the two licensed cannabis dispensaries … at some point.

Even after the city liberalizes its ordinances … as expected …. those two companies will have the monopolies … apparently.


High tides between 7.0 and 7.5 feet are expected today and tomorrow mornings … and the National Weather Service is warning that the water is cresting higher than predicted in the tide tables this year.

The waves will remain small this morning, but should build to around normal by tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.


The number of traffic tickets earned by drivers in Malibu is up 36 percent.

Data from the LA County sheriff’s office … for the first 11 months of last year … show that 22 thousand 712 tickets were written in Malibu throughout the end of November.

About a quarter of those were for hazardous driving violations … more than the average speeding ticket.

In the month of November … there were 31 traffic crashes in Malibu … 8 of them with injuries.

The one fatal crash … involving the man speeding away from police in a stolen car … has resulted in felony vehicular manslaughter charges being filed against a homeless man from Venice.

Kevin James Hicks … age 22 … was fleeing deputies in a stolen car and smashed into parked cars … killing 28-year-old Juan Castillo …. a gardener taking out the trash near Paradise Cove.


Santa Monica plans a major construction project at the gateway to Malibu.

The 80-year-old bridge that connects to the Santa Monica Pier is unsafe and needs to be replaced.

This bridge does not cross PCH … but it does cross the ramps from PCH to downtown Santa Monica.

The city is looking at several alternatives ,.. to build a new bridge to the pier.

Some of them involve building a new ramp to the pier from Appian Way .. the little alley along the beach.


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A few items to catch up on …

Three weeks ago. … we reported that the Creek Fire in the in the foothills of the San Fernando Valley was caused by a Southern California Edison tower that dropped a line.

That was based on statements by Cal Fire … to the Los Angeles Times.

Days later … the Times reported it was LA Department of Water and Power transmission lines that may have arced and caused the fire.

D W P says their lines were experiencing troubles in the high winds … but did not fall.

The Creek Fire burned nearly 16 thousand acres … and took out 60 homes … last month.

The closest weather station was atop a nearby ridge … and it recorded wind gusts as high as 73 miles per hour that night.


Also from the L-A Times … the two investigations into conflict of interest allegations at the Santa Monica school board headquarters are widening.

Originally … the public integrity unit of the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office … and the school district itself … were investigating one board member,.

That would be Maria Leon-Vaaquez … who has voted in favor of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of construction management contracts with a company …. which employs her hubsnd.

Leon Vazquez refuses to explain why she failed to recuse herself … on what turned out to be unanimous consent votes in favor of the contracts.

Two days before Christmas … the L-A Times reported that two other board members are now under investigation.

One … Ralph Mechur ,,, is an architect who did work on Maria Leon-Vazquez’s house during the same approximate time that she voted to appoint Mechur to the school board … after he lost an election.

The other … Oscar de la Torre … works for a nonprofit youth foundation that also hired Mechur.

the votes.

Spokeswoman Gail Pinsker says the district superintendent will release a summary of findings that the district will be sharing publicly in the next few weeks.”

That was two weeks ago.

she wrote in an email to The Times.

The district is bringing in the California School Boards Association to conduct an independent review.

There will likely be no comment from the public integrity unit at the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office .… charges are brought.


From the KBUU sports desk …

Malibu High School’s Claudia Lane continues to rack up honors … and has been named the Los Angeles Daily News 2017 girls Runner of the Year.

The newspaper says Lane is not just one of California’s best runners … she’s flirting with being the greatest high school runner of all time.

Her place on the U S Olympic team … in Tokyo in 2020.

The Malibu native is preparing to take her first trip out of the country …. this month.

Lane will compete in Scotland for Team USA’s under-18 cross country team … at The Great Edinburgh Cross Country event.


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Weather for the Malibu.

Partly sunny with a high of ((( 69 ))) today on the beach … (((  80.  ))) in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Downcoast winds will be gentle this afternoon … around 10 miles an hour.

Sunset tonight is at ((( 4:54. ))).

After that ….

Lows (((   59  ))) at the beach … down to (((   43.  ))) in some canyons.

Tomorrow should be ((( much the same ))).

And there is a 20 percent chance of rain Thursday afternoon.

Right now … at Trancas it’s (((   54.  ))).

Upper Malibu Canyon … (((  60.  ))).

And at Civic Center Los Angeles (((  54  ))).

In the ocean … ((( 56 )))) in the water at Trancas Tower 14.

Waves today are (((  1- 2  ))) feet high.

Poor surf conditions.

A very high high tide will crest at  8:37 AM  this morning … at 7 point 2 feet.

Low tide will be at 3:48 this afternoon.

A secondary high tide … 4.3 feet … crests at 10:19 tonight.


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