Letter: Some Praise

Letter to the Editor

The following was sent as a letter to Sandra Lyon and the Board of SMMUSD.

First, let us thank you for all of your hard work as it relates to the Malibu High School environmental issues. Your critics have said you are not transparent enough, not communicating enough when, in fact, there is a constant flow of information and answers to questions. Malibu Unites and Craig Foster (President of Advocates for Malibu Public Schools Foundation) have taken cheap shots at you and your team — and their motives are all too transparent. They are using our collective and genuine concern for safety as a wedge issue to promote their own agenda — the separation of Malibu schools from the Santa Monica School District. 

How much more communication do these narcissistic, over-entitled, over-active activists want? Do they not see the constant stream of emails from you and/or other team members? Do they not read the responses from ENVIRON or SMMUSD team members? Every time Malibu Unites spreads misinformation about what is happening at MHS, they are costing our school district money and time responding to and dispelling the spin doctoring of Jennifer deNicola and her Malibu Unites buddies. We need Malibu Unites to get out of our way and let us get on with a new school year.

Please know there is a very large group (more than perhaps Malibu Unites and Foster will ever know) who support your efforts and are not scared about what is happening at MHS. Our kids aren’t scared either. While it is hard to transcend all of the antagonism that comes our way from too many of these activists, luckily we are capable of reading and it doesn’t take an environmental scientist to realize our kids are safe at MHS. Again, thank you and know you are all deeply appreciated.

The Regan Family