Safer in Malibu


”What’s wrong with this picture?” I am sitting in total amazement at the boldness, arrogance, and audacity of the couple who thought they were “better than any,” and crashed our beloved White House and put the safety of our President in question. They snubbed the National Security Committee and Secret Service and didn’t attend their hearing.

Why do I have such a hard time understanding this debacle? This past Halloween, my husband Tim and I had so much fun passing out candy to the children at our friend’s house in Malibu West. We were impressed with how organized and conscientious the neighborhood was about mob and traffic control. We were told that Thursday, 3:15, was the deadline to submit names to enter the area.

We thought, “Quick, let’s make sure we are on the list. We don’t want to miss Halloween for heavens sake!” So there we sat in our car, waiting in line for clearance. My husband, Tim, was Hagar the Horrible, in his Viking costume (horned helmet and all), and I, the Pirate Princess a’ waiting. Happily, we were on the list and entered the area of Funland. This is the time of year when we all can have fun being a kid.    

Now, certainly, one would hope and expect that a visit to our beloved President at the White House would be a little more complicated than that. We suggest that President Obama, if he wants to feel safe and secure and hold fun events, should have them here in the future. Here security is taken so seriously that even Hagar the Horrible couldn’t intimidate the guards. Actually, I have a friend who will put him on her list to clear him to enter the area where he and his family can have a fun and wholesome time. However, he needs to remember to call a week ahead for special parking for his friends (CIA, FBI, HLS).  

I have a feeling that he’s safer here at The Malibu.

Cindy O’Shea