Roundtable invites public comment on business license proposal


Members of the Business Roundtable are urging the public to attend the November meeting of the roundtable to offer their views on a proposed business license program for the city. The roundtable plans to vote at the meeting on whether to recommend the program to the City Council.

The proposal, drawn up by a roundtable subcommittee, currently calls for an annual fee of $50 for storefront businesses and a $25 annual fee for home-based businesses. Nonprofit organizations and businesses earning less than $5,000 a year would be exempt from the licensing requirement. Under the proposal, the city would also take over the licensing of those businesses currently paying the county to operate — restaurants, service stations, liquor retailers and pawn shops.

“We urge everybody who has a feeling on it to come to the November meeting,” said roundtable chair Mark Ball.

The meeting will be Nov. 6 at 7:30 a.m. in the large conference room at City Hall.