Guest Column: Urgent Response Needed at Malibu High

Hundreds of parents, teachers and students attend Tuesday afternoon's meeting at the Malibu High School auditorium to ask questions about a health scare involving potential environmental contaminants on campus. 


 Urgent response 

As resident of Malibu for more than 20 years, a past chair of several city committees, with consistent involvement in support of this community, I am moved by the urgent need for responsible reaction to the issues which have arisen regarding toxic exposure at Malibu High School. 

As an attorney with more than 50 years of practice involving cancer, toxic exposure and industrial causation, I’m well aware of the real risks of such exposure, the fears related to it and the media and legal hype and spin which follows events of this type. 

As a cancer survivor with in depth research and experience with diagnostic and treatment modalities, I feel qualified to assist in the responsible evaluation and presentation of the real factual data as it becomes available. 

I have a team available to assist in this process: Nachman Brautbar, M.D., Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Forensic Medicine, Toxicology, Occupational and Environmental Medicine; Randall A. Scharlach, M.D.: Radiation Oncologist and Director of Golden State Cancer Center; Steven B. Effres, Esq., Effres and Associates, Personal and Environmental Injuries; Richard Owen, Esq., Defense of Industrial Injury Claims, Past Attorney-in-Charge of 20+ attorney office for State Compensation Insurance Fund. 

All of these experts are available to assist me, and their credentials are readily internet available. 

This community does not need a panic-fueled influx of litigation-focused professionals, but would be better served by responsible research and compassionate, informative support for all of those exposed or effected by these events. 

Harold L. Greene