Blog: 36 and Counting

Burt Ross

For most Americans, Sept. 11 is a date we remember the worst attack on our homeland since Pearl Harbor. For me, it is a time to recall the luckiest day of my life—Sept. 11, 1982. Yes, 36 years ago my bride and I became partners for life, and these years have been the happiest of my life.

My bride is caring, loving, honest, supportive, intelligent, moral, modest—the list of positive adjectives could take up an entire column. I often tell her she is nothing other than everything in my life. I am every bit as much in love with her now as the day we became one.

There is a song called “Something Wonderful” in the great musical “The King and I.” The lyrics and melody, especially when sung by Barbra Streisand, bring tears to my eyes every time. Many women might well think these words about their lesser halves, and I certainly can imagine my understanding and accepting bride being one of them:

This is a man who thinks with his heart

His heart is not always wise

This is a man who stumbles and falls

But this is a man who tries

This is a man you’ll forgive and forgive

And help protect, as long as you live

He will not always say

What you would have him say

But now and then he’ll do



He has a thousand dreams

That won’t come true

You know that he believes in them

And that’s enough for you

You’ll always go along

Defend him where he’s wrong

And tell him, when he’s strong

He is wonderful

He’ll always need your love

And so he’ll get your love

A man who needs your love

Can be wonderful

And so my bride, if the truth be told, you are truly the wonderful one. Happy anniversary!