Winter Beach

I want to walk on the beach with you

When winter comes to the sea.

Won’t you come out to Malibu

And walk on the beach with me?

I want to wade in the surf with you.

We can stroll hand-in-hand,

On Valentine’s Day in Malibu

Tracing heart for heart in the sand.

I’ll build a driftwood fire with you.

We’ll huddle by it at dawn,

On a winter beach in Malibu

When the throngs of summer have gone.

I’ll watch the rising mists with you,

Just you and the fire and me,

And a blanket or two in Malibu

And the sleepy song of the sea.

I’ll greet the morning tide with you,

For the morning tide is hushed.

And the still, calm dawn in Malibu

Will not be rudely rushed.

I’ll press close, so close to you

Against the morning chill,

As the sun breaks through in Malibu

And glisters the first high hill.

I’ll climb primeval rocks with you.

Like battlements they stand!

Great hoary bastions of Malibu

Rising harsh from the gentle sand.

I’ll spend this special day with you

By the shore of a tinseled sea,

That will sparkle bright in Malibu

If you are here with me.

Bill Dowey

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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