Malibu kids deep into drugs


Malibu High School is going through a serious drug epidemic. Parents and MHS staff turn a blind eye. It took three phone calls and an e-mail before we heard back from [Principal] [Mark] Kelley on this issue. Students buy and sell drugs on campus as if it were an open market while they share pot brownies during lunch. Kids are busted, but not deterred. There is a lack of security presence. Police and volunteer parents, as well as surveillance cameras are needed on campus, not more palm trees. Malibu High receives funding which is being used to add curb appeal, parking lots and new staff offices. How about using the funds and donations to protect our kids and keep them safe?

Fact: One of the pot dealers who sells to the kids at school also sells to one of the local medical marijuana dispensaries.

Fact: Papa Jacks is a haven for potheads who sit in their cars in the parking lot getting high.

Anyone care or is the city too busy keeping out the paparazzi? When will Malibu rearrange its priorities?

There needs to be a concentrated effort by the community to get involved in the direction our children are taking. What does it say about Malibu schools when our own mayor’s children are not enrolled in school here?

Every high school on the Westside has on-campus drug and alcohol support groups for teens, except Malibu. Why is that? We’ve been informed by counselors that there is not enough interest or participation from Malibu parents and educators.

Getting high at home with parents has become acceptable, assuming that’s the only place kids do drugs. It’s not. Kids are selling prescription drugs on and off campus that they find at home… in your medicine cabinets.

“Not my kid.” That’s what we thought. Turns out our child is in deep… along with your children. Acknowledging the problem is the first step. We can no longer look at this situation as an “embarrassment” and sweep it under the rug. We need to shed light on this crisis in our “little paradise.”

So far, help is not on the way.

From two concerned, involved and loving parents.


and Harriet Helberg