Homeless Dinners to Resume at Old Malibu Courthouse

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In a joint statement to The Malibu Times, City Manager Reva Feldman and Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl announced Tuesday, March 20, that homeless dinners would resume in town—taking place at Malibu’s old county courthouse.

“We are very pleased to announce that men and women experiencing homelessness will be able to receive meals in Malibu again as part of a new joint partnership between the County of Los Angeles and the City of Malibu,” the statement read. “Specific details are still being worked out, but our plan is to begin providing meals at the Malibu courthouse.” 

The city and LA County worked with various residents, nonprofits, outreach workers and faith leaders to identify the space. 

City of Malibu held a taskforce meeting earlier today to develop the city’s Homeless Strategic Plan. 

Malibu was one of 47 cities to receive a planning grant (ranging from $30,000-$70,000) from set-aside funds from the LA County Board of Supervisors’ Homeless Initiative, based on “localized blueprints” for how each city would work with its contractors to confront rising homelessness. 

Look out for a full story in this week’s edition of The Malibu Times on stands Thursday.