Swears it wasn’t so


I was surprised to see the gathering hosted by Malibu Community Action Network at Juan Cabrillo the other night characterized as “heated” and “profanity laced.” There was indeed passion in the room, along with a healthy sense of humor. As conscientious reporter Jonathan Friedman wrote, there was one swear word used in one comment. The overall intent and effect was candor and humor. This hardly makes a “heated and profanity laced” meeting.

I would say the keywords for that meeting would be respect, thoughtfulness, and caring for each other and this community. Ken Kearsley gave a 45-minute presentation of the development and intentions of Plan B of the MBC Development Agreement along with his own vision for Malibu. That was followed by over an hour of questions, observations, and exchanges, none of which were heated or profanity laced, though some were challenging.

As a community we are working our way through a number of challenging issues of lasting impact for everyone. We need everyone’s highest contribution in thought and action, including yours, Arnold, which is considerable. Mischaracterizing a meeting of thoughtful citizens to spice up the news or spin a point of view is, well, less than your best.