Letter: Hands-On Learning

Letter to the Editor

Craig Foster recently responded to the Malibu High School parents mailing list, regarding water testing in our public schools. Thank you, Craig, for your important thoughts.

I would like to echo those thoughts and call upon our schools to use this unfortunate event as an opportunity to learn.

Our children are our future leaders. They need to understand the issues we face, become bold question askers and creative thinkers so that they may solve critical problems. 

Our schools should be studying these environmental issues in science classes, writing about them in English, expressing our feelings about them in art. Field trips should be taken to our precious ocean. Schoolwide green projects should be initiated.

Our children’s education must expand beyond the solitude of their desks and the boundaries of the classroom. Learning should be real and vibrant. Their education should focus on real life issues.

Our children should be encouraged to ask questions, to wonder, to ponder, to create. Every hand that is raised should be called on. Our children’s voices must be heard.

The world needs them.

Together, can we make a difference.

Dana Friedman, Juan Cabrillo parent