Mature flirting

Barbara Bellman, co-author of "Flirting After Fifty"

Barbara Bellman and Susan Goldstein have co-authored a book to help women over 50 succeed in the dating world with the lost of art of flirtation.

Statistics show that about 50 percent of women over 50 are single through divorce, death of a spouse or just the circumstance of never finding the right one. “Women over the age of 50 need new tools and new rules to regain their confidence and learn how to date again,” Bellman said.

The book gives advice to mature women who want to meet a good partner, but lack the confidence, perspective and age-appropriate guidelines to go about it successfully. It challenges women to examine roadblocks they put up that prevent them from finding love and how to remove them. The book asserts that love can come to anyone at any age. And through interviews and examples, the myth that men only want younger women is solidly debunked.

“Flirting After Fifty” is available in hardcover and paperback. It can be purchased through, and area bookstores.