Letter: Improved Malibu Lagoon Conditions

Letter to the Editor

In response to Wendi Werner’s Letter to the Editor assessment of the lagoon project being “flawed” [Response to Letter to the Editor “Flaws in Lagoon Plan,” published Oct. 24]: in the last few weeks at the lagoon, the improved circulation has been working well during the closed berm conditions. 

With the increase in prevailing winds, the Algae bloom caused by excessive nutrients (most likely leeching from the closest source of Colony septics with shampoos, dishwashing and laundry soaps and untreated human feces) has almost magically disappeared by floating down wind into the main channel by prevailing winds (as designed), where it will be washed out to sea when the berm is naturally breached by enough rain in the water shed. 

The last of the Algae that is left is the main food source for the hundreds of coots and shovelhead ducks and produces oxygen for the shrimp, crabs and fish in the substrates, as well as protection that it offers the thousands of fish from the thousands of predators that are now aware of them as a huge food supply in the restored channels. 

The lagoon is working better than I expected and obviously a huge success as an explosion of wildlife is now populating the entire area. It has a been a virtual National Geographic wildlife scene everyday. Come on down, bring your binoculars and a bird identification book because many of the bird species you may not recognize. Visiting school kids last week were shrieking when they witnessed the pelicans, a kingfisher, Caspian terns and an osprey diving for fish. Maybe you will be lucky enough to see this, too. 

Steve Woods