Update Latigo repairs


How long to resurface Latigo Canyon Road? Seven years! Great to hear about the city council’s decision to commit to a dedicated road repair plan with an emphasis on the five-year period. Latigo, Corral, Encinal and Malibu Roads were ascribed as city roads in the worst state of disrepair. A PCI score (0 to 100) is “excellent” from 86-100. At the other end, a “very poor” surface is 11-25 and “fail” is 0-11. Latigo? 10.6, fail. Corral Canyon? 14.8, very poor! Malibu Road? 33.8, poor. Malibu Road will be fully resurfaced first in 2012/13 for $921K. It’s a road in a terrible state of disrepair, but with a “poor” rating, it’s still in better shape than Latigo and Corral. Why is it being resurfaced first? Latigo resurfacing is scheduled in approximate thirds over three years between 2013 and 2016.

But wait! The upper 2300′ of Latigo (PCI score 9 and 12) is slated to be resurfaced in 2018/2019! Not only does this plan provide three long years of driving on a “failed” road but the repairs on the final section wait for seven years. Meanwhile other roads with PCI scores of “fair” to “good” are scheduled to be resurfaced.

City Council, please act to reprioritize road repair. Latigo serves 200 residences and provides emergency access for both fire safety and tsunami evacuation. It’s heavily used by cars and a mecca for cyclists, limiting their time on PCH. The road is dangerous and in a failed condition and a priority now.

Jonathan Toker