Not letter perfect


    Wearily, I beg to respond to the recent scathing letters printed in your newspaper. The attack that upsets me the most was written by an actor. He stated that the whole cast, 10 members of Marowitz’s “Murdering Marlowe,” composed a letter decrying my conduct during the production. However, the actor neglected to say that the letter was written by Marowitz who then hastily presented it to the cast for their signatures just before curtain time.

    These actors were innocent of the facts. They heard only their director’s illusions. They believed what nonsense he told them to my horror and humiliation. After all, I produced the show-designed posters, ads, playbills, hung the posters, took reservations, worked the box office and vacuumed the carpet. Why would I want to dissuade people from buying tickets?

    What sage said, “Heaven arms with pity those it would not see destroyed”? Hey, I even pity Shakespeare’s Richard III.

    Jacqueline Bridgeman