Pie Fest – a poem and the results

Once upon a midday sunny, while he pondered raising money,

Over many a quaint and curious volume of Biblical lore, —

While he plodded, nearly snacking, Rev. Larry Peacock’s mind was racking,–

Who would judge the 10th annual Pie Fest? Soon he found himself rapping, –rapping at the Chamber (of Commerce) door, —

Bev Hammond said t’would be no chore.

To raise funds for after-school research, — at Malibu United Methodist Church,

The volunteers, they made suggestions, — silent auctions, face painting, apple bobbing, pie-eating contests and more, —

Music, it would be the role of Joellen Friedkin, Melvin Eddy and Steve Cole,

The pie judging was to be in categories, — based on ages and types gustatories, —

With sips of water to clear the palates, the judges would be able to cast their ballots.

Quoth Rev. Peacock, “Let’s explore.”

The Pie Fest plans were full of heart, Saturday at the Country Mart.

Came the day, City Council members, civic leaders, stars and eaters, —

Filled the grounds to judge the winners, eat too much and feel like sinners.

Candace Bowen seemed ecstatic, Mike and Ryan Matthews looked photographic,

Walt Keller said he’d judge with balance, Ken Kearsley said he’ll soon “announce.”

Quoth Rev. Peacock, “Eat some more.”

Judges who tasted all the pies found themselves nodding, nearly napping,

Weak and weary, except Tom Hasse, — who, after tasting piles of meringue, said quite sweetly, “I am flying,” —

Phil Cott found the pies “quite buttery,” Harry Barovsky termed the day “good community.”

Came the time, the judges noted, tasted, evaluated and voted,

Meanwhile, Malibu Art Assn. held a contest, of whom they thought could color bestest.

Quoth Rev. Peacock, “What’s the score?”

Winners in categories were declared, bakers offered tips on their pies prepared, —

Helen Loy Hicks said, “Don’t overcook,” — Lori Bender said of crust, “Don’t overlook,” —

Katie Zarpas thought her pie too melted, — Kids at the beanbag toss got pelted, —

This reporter liked the pecans shaven on the pallid crust of crackers.

Now for all those bulging bellies that lie bloated on the floor,

Quoth the dieters, “Nevermore.”

Pie Fest Results*

Fruit Pies

1st — tie:

Jack Shoulder — Pear Tatin

Meredith Casey & Lori Bender — Apple

2nd — Yvonne Hymann — Apple Blueberry

3rd — Bill Miller — Peach Crumble


1st — Kay Gabbard — Black Bottom Banana

2nd — Jennifer Downes — Bavarian Chocolate Cream

3rd — Maryanne Angliongto — Pumpkin


1st — Vinny Petrosino — Chocolate

2nd Malvina Chala — Cheesecake

3rd — Kathy Wilstein — Mango

Chocolate/Nut Pie

1st Kelly McShane — Pecan

2nd — John Loy — Pecan

3rd — Katie Zarpas — Chocolate Cream

Children 9 & Under

1st — tie:

Ryan Matthews — Cherry with Stars

Charlotte Van Ireland — Painted Peach

2nd — Alissa Wilstein — Cheesecake

3rd — Alexandra Connors — Unknown

Children 10–14

1st Rose Stutsman — Lemon Tart

2nd Lucy Loy Hicks — Pecan

3rd — Oliver & Sam Sholder — Apple Upside Down


1st — Granita — Apple Crumb

Coloring Contest

Ages 5 and under

Julia Wisnicki

Ages 6–7

Skyler Davis

Ages 8–10

Rebecca Green

11 and over

Brittany Segrones

*for our beloved readers who think newspapers should print just the facts.

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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