Planetary Themes for the Month of March

Astrology forecast


It’s green lights for you this month to continue in new directions and pursue new goals. Courageous actions can pay off for you through the 10th. After the 13th, taking a step back and re-evaluating decisions can be beneficial for you. It’s a better time for connecting with your emotions or dealing with issues from the past. 


This is a good time for more self-introspection and clearing away emotional issues through the 17th. Be patient until then, if things are happening at the pace you would like. After the 17th, Venus enters your sign. You move into a better cycle for attracting the things you desire. Getting more involved with groups can be to your advantage. 


Your mind continues to be more receptive to new ideas and better ways of doing things through the 12th. Participating with groups, networking and social media can open up new doors. After the 12th, your judgment may become clouded with too many expectations. Think twice about important decisions and pay attention to the details. 


There is likely to be added responsibilities or challenges in the career and family areas of your life. You may feel like there is never enough time for yourself. After the 17th, a shift begins to occur and the opportunity to create more stability in your life. Make more time to nurture yourself and being more active socially. 


You can be on fire with more passion and your personal magnetism can take you far. Take a leadership role and don’t be timid about going after your goals. After the 13th, there may be some emotional matters that you can’t run away from. Take a closer look at finances, investments, and avoid letting money slip through your fingers. 


Personal relationships and helping others in need take on more importance. Through the 12th, innovate and think of new and better ways of working and accomplishing daily tasks. After the 12th, your sensitivity and creativity are on the rise. As you reach out and lend a helping hand, remain discerning of others’ true motives. 


Personal relationships are a focus through the 16th. Some changes and new experiences can open up for you. Your independent and adventuresome side comes out as well. Be willing to take some risks and explore new areas. After the 13th, you can become more easily distracted with daily routines. Try to stay organized. 


This is a good period for focusing on work, accomplishing goals and a new or more active fitness routine. Try to remain diplomatic and keep the peace with employees or coworkers through the 16th. After the 16th, personal relationships take on more importance. You may also have your eyes on some new important purchase. 


Your creative side is flowing with new ideas or ways of doing things. The drive for more freedom of expression, exploring new places and opportunities is strong through the 16th. After the 13th, a domestic or family matter may require more of your attention and move you more into the emotional realm. Try to remain objective. 


You may feel challenges between work or career goals and family obligations. You are driven to move in a new direction and improve or expand the financial area of your life. New technologies, innovations and networking can play a more important role. After the 13th, seek more spiritual or creative outlets for your ideas. 


You can be a steamroller this month. Not much can stand in your way if you put your mind on something. Try not to be in a hurry to get things done. A little patience can do you a lot of good. Don’t shy away from expressing these new and original ideas of yours through the 12th. After the 13th, it’s a time for more reflection. 


Your energy and drive get best expressed through new ways of making money or expanding earnings. You can also value more independence and seek new avenues of personal expression. After the 13th, you move back into your own element and feel like expressing more of your emotional, spiritual or artistic side.