Righting wrong impression


In your Dec. 8 edition, I was displeased to read your header, “Supreme Court declines to hear Forge Lodge case,” captioning an otherwise well-written piece of journalism. Friends who called or dropped by and may have only read the large lettered caption got the wrong idea initially. Most were of the opinion that we, the Forges, had filed the action, which the Supreme Court declined to hear. Thus we lost!

If the dual purpose of education and entertainment are your avowed charge, why not a header that matched the article? Why not, “Supreme Court declines to hear Sierra Club case against Forge Lodge, ” or, even better, “Sierra Club loses again.” After all, it was they, not us, who brought yet another legal action against both us and the city of Malibu.

Thanks for your phone availability, our conversation, and your invitation to write and voice my complaint to you. My hope is that, at some point, I can read a comprehensive piece which reminds readers of the many court actions in which we have always prevailed, and our long and costly battle against the Sierra Club/Coastal Commission conspirators against our private property rights.

Daniel and Luciana Forge