Sharks attack

Team co-captain and guard Danielle Bush sets up a play for the Sharks.

The Malibu High School girls’ varsity basketball team played their first two Frontier League games against Grace Brethren and Carpenteria on their home court last week.

Malibu beat Grace Brethren, 42-21. The Sharks’ Danielle Bush scored 17 points, center Dominique Magee scored 15 points and sophomore Hannah Robinson scored 10.

Carpenteria defeated Malibu 35-30 in a close, hard-fought game during which the Sharks led by seven until the last four minutes. In the final quarter, Carpenteria made five freethrows and five field goals to get the win. Danielle Bush scored another 17 points for the Sharks, aided by forward Sierra Zontelli’s aggressive rebounding at both ends of the court.

With only two returning starters from last year and one freshman, the Malibu team is predominantly composed of sophomores. Sharks head coach Andy Meyer said he remains pleased with the team’s progress and is optimistic about their chances to be competitive in the league playoffs at the end of the regular season.

Next week, the Sharks will play Santa Clara in Oxnard.

By Olivia Damavandi