Sirens: Malibu Crime Report, July 1-13

Crime Report

The following crimes were reported in Malibu between July 1- 13: 


Pistol problems

– A semi automatic pistol and a gun case were reported missing from a guesthouse. The property is under construction and multiple people had access to the house through maintenance projects.

Bag thief

– A victim reported a missing black bag from their home containing $7,000 in cash. An electrician had recently worked in the house and may be a possible suspect. 


Pilfered on Piuma

– A rear passenger window was smashed on Piuma Road and a purse stolen along with an iPhone charger and jewelry totaling around $650 worth of damage. 

Bag burglary

– A purse was stolen from a vehicle parked near the hiking trails on Winding Way. The suspect used the victims Visa card for a $53.22 purchase at a gas station off Heathercliff Drive and also spent $28.17 at Jack in the Box.


Commercial burglary

– A metal lock box, cash and a wooden drawer were stolen from a mailbox & shipping center. After receiving a call from a customer that a door was open and unlocked, the business owner arrived and noticed a missing lockbox. 


Birdview break-in

– A laptop and knife were stolen overnight from an unlocked vehicle on Birdview Avenue. The victim was leaving home in the morning and noticed the doors to their vehicle were wide open. Damages are reported over $2,500.