Masque 2002 delights audience


    Masque, the most popularly attended event of the year for all of Malibu High School, was an exceptional success this year.

    In actor Ed Harris’ words, the celebrity judge for the night, “I was blown away!”

    Malibu’s youth exhibited amazing talent and dedication for both the Thursday and Friday night productions of Masque at Malibu Vineyard. The performers shined on stage. It was an opportunity to witness students’ individuality; their passions and dreams came alive as so many different students, ranging from 6th to 12th grade, performed in front of friends, family and fellow students.

    The show was full of a variety of acts-from poetry readings to violists to choreographed dance moves. Vocalists like Nina Farag, Nikko Gray and Sally Smith sang with their hearts. There were also great duo productions between World History teacher Heather Hoekman, also a Masque advisor, and senior Lolly O’Fallon; junior Anna Grebb and O’Fallon; and English teacher David Warshawski and junior Taylor Goldsmith.

    Senior Craig Calkins reached out to the audience with his Gallagher routine, leaving watermelon stains on audience members’ clothing, though he was courteous enough to hand out plastic covers to the first row audience members.

    The Junior Act was a poetry reading by Brandon Zamel, Jake Slosser, Joe Kaplan and Goldsmith. Kaplan came out earlier in a cow costume, dancing on stage to laughs and then recited a poem.

    Senior Sally Smith’s rendition of “My Way” by Frank Sinatra tugged at heartstrings as her younger sister, dressed as a chicken, brought pictures of Smith across the stage.

    The judges voted a tie for First Place: Bridge 22, “Abbey Road,” and Ebony and Ivory, “My Rose.” Bridge 22 is a local band created by Taylor Goldsmith and Ebony and Ivory is a music group brought together by Aaron Smith. Second Place was a three-way tie going to: Liz Cole and her band performing “Lady Sings the Blues,” a wonderful jazz performance with great musical instrument solos as well as Liz Cole’s amazing voice; and The Senior Act, comprised of 10 performers, performing “Bad;” and Nina Farag, who performed “Fallin’,” by Alicia Keyes. Farag also won the “Most Likely to Become the Next Britney Spears” award on Thursday night. Videos of Masque will be on sale at Malibu High School. Inquiries can be made to Brenna McGee, Junior Class president, Hoekman or Jennifer Gonzalez, the Junior Class advisors. As well, the Junior Class greatly appreciated having Harris agree to be the celebrity judge of Masque 2002.