Letter: Laughable List

In response to the letter “Lots to look forward to” published on Sept. 3

Lawrence includes a long list of  Rump’s second term agenda goals. I realize that Lawrence must be a “dreamer” but I would not have  him caged up like Rump has done to children. I could not help but laugh at the list and think why Rump has not done most on the list during the last 3.5 years—two of which the Republicans held the majority in the house and senate!

To tell you the truth, I really do not think Rump wants to be president, but must go for it to avoid going to jail. His conviction of wrongdoing will eventually happen, in my opinion, including undervaluing property for taxes and overvaluing the same property for loan purposes as well as underreporting income taxes, to name a couple that I feel are a problem for Rump. Attorney General Bill Barr may also end up in jail. By the way, thousands of DOJ officials have signed a petition asking for Barr’s resignation. Rump finally found a patsy to protect him. 

I would recommend you read Mary Trump’s book, “Too Much and Never Enough” (looking forward to a movie) as well as Rump’s sister’s quotes about his character. A few excerpts from both:

•Fred, the father, is probably worse.

•Rump has to hear constant praise.


•Always scheming, never been legitimate.

•Lack of preparation. He doesn’t read.

•Much of his life was faking it, lying (his father’s traits). I guess that is how he came up with “Fake News,” which is not fake, just unbelievable.

•He is weak and fragile.

•Meets nine symptoms of a pathological pattern.  

•Has had six bankruptcies. So much for his business instinct. Letting many suffer due to his ineptness.

•Has no principles.

•Fined in NY for segregation, not renting to Blacks.

•Bought himself out of the military and into college.

•On and on!

Lawrence, you might also read the weekly letters to The Malibu Times by William McCarthy. I could never outdo him, but here are few other comments by me:

•Rump does not tell the truth, proven daily by the news which is not fake.

•Responsible for over 100,000 COVID-19 deaths by not taking a leadership rule, instead, like everything else, blames others and does not accept science. 

Will say he has a vaccine, but I am sure you are aware that it takes long periods of time for such proof.

-I believe Rump is bankrupt and owes Russia.

-He is an authoritarian, has no principals, has no leadership skills, is a bully and cruel.  He communicates by tweet, can barely read a monitor and repeats
  same sentence many times, I guess trying to convince himself.
-USA the laugh of most other countries including N.Korea and Russia. Ruined the relationship with many countries, Nato, WHO.
-Ruined lives of many public servants like Alexander Vindman for telling the truth and pardoning convicted criminals. 
-Trying to hinder voting.
-Distracts from controversy by doing something else controversy.
-I saw nothing on your list of police brutality to those of color.
-I could go on and on but lastly war hero’s like Republican John McCain who lost their lives are not losers and suckers. 
-From Michael Cohen: “Acts like an organized crime Don, master of manipulation, campaign finance violations, fake legal fees, mental illness”  
I do believe much will be accomplished with the next president (even some of those on your list) Joe Biden, not Rump. Especially if the Democrats win over the House and Senate. 

David Kramer

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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