First aid for beach


Your caption under the front page photo (January 15) of sandbagging on Broad Beach is too simplistic and highly misleading. Global warning may be contributing to the rise in ocean water, but it is not the major cause of the damage to Broad Beach. Even without any rise in sea levels, a relatively minor factor, the heavy wave action would still have gouged out the sand. This, combined with the diminishing natural sources of replenishment sand, is to blame for the present condition of the beach.

The erosion took place long before there were sandbags, which are a temporary measure to stabilize the remaining dunes until a scientifically designed revetment can be built and a sand replenishment project initiated. Such a program can insure that the beach is viable for both residents and visitors for generations to come.

To do nothing is not an option. It is clear that the beach will not restore itself, and the results of total neglect would not make anyone happy.

Marshall Lumsden