Letter: Praying for a Second Term

Letter to the Editor

A letter in last week’s Times predicts President Trump will lose next year “because of his lifelong resentment and hostility toward urban values of respect for multiculturalism and social innovation.” To the extent we can decipher this elitist psycho-babble at all, it’s simply wrong, and unwittingly reveals the cause of Trump-derangement: ignoring reality and believing the horrible, false propaganda spewed by the Democratic Party and their lying media partners. For instance, despite shameful and ridiculous comparisons to Hitler, Trump was in fact a liberal Democrat and successful New York City hotelier, real estate and construction magnate for the last half-century. He’s hired thousands of employees of every race, creed, color and religion, including many gays.  Has anyone heard of a single such employee complaining about him?

Furthermore, though the Democrat nonsense-machine has tried to characterize Trump as an unscrupulous businessman, and the letter-writer says he lacks innovation, Trump has, in fact, been remarkably innovative, even daring, rising to the top of the toughest real estate market in the country, if not the world. He was elected because the corrupt milking of the system by Washington swamp dwellers and other insiders has reached unsustainable levels, exemplified by the booming wealth of the D.C. area which produces nothing but increasingly stifling “government,” just like fat, corrupt imperial Rome before the empire’s fall. And, though the letter-writer, like many of the Trump-deranged, snottily blames Trump’s election on “low-educated Whites in rural areas,” in fact, Trump won an absolute majority of voters in the 49 states outside California.

No one knows who’ll win next year, but my money, along with my prayers, are on Trump. His prickly personality can be repulsive, yet people hate him because they believe lies and apply unfair double standards. But if President Trump can have just four more years to challenge the anti-white, anti-male, anti-free speech, anti-Constitution, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, Israel-and-America-bashing “progressives,” a leftist mirror-image of the KKK epitomized by Antifa thugs, maybe, just maybe, we can pass on to our children the America we were given by the Greatest Generation—the freest nation the world has ever known.

Rueben Gordon