Why you picked Malibu


Why did you move to Malibu? For the shopping centers? Or the natural beauty? For the sports fields? Or for the miles of mountains and beaches to enjoy an active lifestyle? Did you move here for the mass transit and easy freeway access? Or you just like to sit in a car wasting hours of your life? Did you move to Malibu to improve the quality of your life, you know, cleaner air, cleaner water, cleaner sewage? Or do you like swimming with your own sewage, sucking in smog, trucking in water or going bone dry when aging water mains rupture?

Ask yourself these questions before you vote on Measure M. Ask yourself these questions when you imagine life after M. Imagine it’s a sunny Saturday in September. You’ve got to get your kid to a soccer game or you’ve got a lunch date at the Country Mart or an appointment in Santa Monica. Fuggedaboutit!

Beach traffic plus Point Dume soccer traffic totally gridlocks Kanan and PCH. There is a stink to high heaven permeating the Country Mart. And Santa Monica might as well be as far away as Mars with all the out-of-area shoppers and tourists clogging our one and only coastal road.

When you ask yourself these questions, the answer is so simple. Measure M is a disaster. We must vote “no.” Malibu voters can prevail against totally inappropriate development in what is a very fragile, very disaster-prone place. Development of Ahmanson Ranch was stopped. Development by the Malibu Bay Company can be stopped. Please, please remind yourself why you moved to Malibu.

Ron and Cindy Vandor