Malibu Seen: Up, up and Away

Heavy traffic on PCH for Memorial Day 2018.

After a long and grueling 14-month intermission due to the pandemic, life is slowly but surely returning to normal (at last!).

Disneyland has opened its pearly gates to the delight of Musketeers near and far. 

The Aquarium of the Pacific is back with a splashy new exhibit and both the magnificent Getty Center and Malibu’s breathtaking Getty Villa have opened after extensive renovations. For those who like to soak it up, Raging Waters is roaring once again. The wild ride is located in San Dimas, but despite now-widespread vaccinations, there are still some rules for the virus. Masks are required for all indoor activities, but outside on the raging rides, masks can be ditched. 

Most eye-opening of all are the changes at LAX and airports around the world as well as summer bummer traffic on the freeways. 

A year ago, airports were a desert with hardly a soul in sight. But what a difference a long year makes!

This holiday weekend, called the unofficial start of summer, terminals were abuzz with long check-in lines, bumper-to-bumper rolling carts and even a few hot tempers on board. Travel authorities said millions of people would be hitting the road and the skies this weekend. 

With Americans cooped up for months, travelers were itching to get up and go.

They hit the road in near-record numbers.

They did so despite higher prices for flights, gas, hotels and not to mention car rentals, which were going as high as $700 a day (oh my!).

Authorities say the increase is due to more people getting their COVID-19 vaccines and when they do, they apparently feel safer as travelers. 

Vacation destinations that top the list are Las Vegas, Hawaii and Myrtle Beach, S.C.

I, for one, am ready for a gussied up night at the local movie theater—one that comes complete with hot buttered popcorn, Red Vines, Dots and, most importantly, a great film like Disney’s “Cruella” on the wide screen. Film buffs say this is the way a movie was meant to be seen and, if Ms. De Vil’s background doesn’t pique your interest, there are lots of high-octane choices to be considered. So, pack your bags and your patience and I’ll see you on the rides, the slides, airline lines, museums and the movies. It’s great to get back to normal!