Kindness needed on council


Like you, I care about Malibu’s future. Our city is at a point where change is needed. I pulled the papers for the upcoming City Council election, but for various reasons have decided to not run this time. My motivation to run was focused on bringing back civility and professionalism to Malibu’s City Council. Increasingly, it became more embarrassing to watch the mean-spirited behavior at the City Council meetings. Malibu’s greatest resource is its people; therefore, I believe that everyone has a voice and their opinions are important. It is wrong for a City Council member to belittle and criticize someone with opposing ideas. I have been a Planning Commissioner for almost six years and often, as commissioners, we do not agree with each other, but we always listen to each other and the speakers with respect. It has been a great experience to be a Planning Commissioner and I have appreciated the opportunity to serve our community.

I believe Malibu is looking for change as evidenced by the large number of people running for City Council in the upcoming election. The fighting and numerous lawsuits have to end. They are not productive and a waste of taxpayers money. I encourage all Malibu citizens to support the candidates that run a fair and kind campaign, addressing the issues and not the shortcoming of someone’s personal life. Additionally, I ask all candidates to play fair and be nice to each other. Remember, after the election is over, we all have to live in Malibu together.

Regan Schaar