Two Capsized Kayakers Rescued Off Malibu Coast

Los Angeles County Lifeguard

Two kayakers whose boat capsized were rescued Sunday afternoon in Malibu about one mile off of Corral Beach, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. At the time of the rescue, winds were blowing at around 20 mph.

Sometime around 4 p.m., Baywatch crews rescued the kayakers by boat, who were floating without lifejackets offshore. A lifeguard personnel also reached the kayakers around the same time as the Baywatch boat. Officials said the kayakers were blown out to the water by gusty winds and spent more than 30 minutes out of their kayak. 

The two kayakers were transported on the boat to the Malibu Pier for medical evaluation. Both were sent to a hospital.

According to the LA County Lifeguard Twitter account, a beach bystander spotted the possible victims and alerted lifeguards.

“If not for [the bystander], the two victims may not have survived!” authorities wrote.