Hot Weather, Big Waves – Whole Foods Breaks Ground (Quietly) – Rats at MHS Get Poisoned by Vitamins


Santa Anas are arriving … mild winds today … strong next week.

Extra firefighters have been called in.

Rats are infecting Malibu High … the district is using vitamins to kill them.

Construction starts – quietly – on the new Whole Foods in downtown Malibu.

IMG 0602

Concrete trucks roll into Whole Foods At The Park, Malibu’s first new shopping center in 30+ years. KBUU photo.

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Good morning – Calle Principio

Hot, dry and dangerous – forecast for Malibu

Red Flag Warnings are arriving.

A Red Flag Warning for inland L A and Ventura County went up at 6 this morning.

The National Weather Service says that …. even the beaches will have hot desert air today.

Away from the coast … we’ll see highs in the 90 to 100 degree and daytime humidities in the 6 to 12 percent range.

Winds are expected to increase this morning … and peak into Saturday … with peak gusts of

25 to 40 mph in the wind prone areas.

Coastal areas will also see brief critical conditions today … but likely not for durations that

warrant a Red Flag Warning.

We may see a very strong Santa Ana early next week.

Anthony Williams is the assistant fire chief in charge of malibu and western L-A county.


Because of the winds … extra firefighters have been called in to the L-A County fire stations today.


There’s a long period south southwest swell building today  … peaking tomorrow.

Waves of 3 to 6 feet  … with local sets to 7 feet … are to roll in today and this weekend.

First New Shopping Center in 30 Years+ Breaks Ground

Construction has begun on a new shopping center in the heart of Malibu.

It will be a Whole Foods Market … the project is still a Whole Foods Market … according to project managers

There’s almost 6 acres of land … at the corner of Cross Creek Road at Civic Center Way.

The new shopping center buildings will cover 15 percent of the land … but does not have the required landscaping area specified in the General Plan.

The City of Malibu Planning Commission allowed the applicant to count the vertical footage of a hedge as “vertical landscaping.”

That approval set off an uproar … which was channelled into the passage of a voter initiative to require a citizen vote of approval on zoning projects.

That type of vote … unconstitutional … but the fight over that sucked the oxygen out fo the fight against the civic center shopping center.

One obstacle still remains …t under current city rules the Whole Foods cannot open until Pacific Coast Highway gets a turn lane at Cross Creek … to handle traffic it will generate.

That project is tied up in several knots.


You are listening to the latest news from Radio Malibu … 97.5 K B U.  ((( time  ))))

District Poisons Rats With MegaDose of Vitamins

Rats are again a problem at Malibu High School …and the school district has begun using bait boxes filled with a poison … Vitamin D-3.

The bait is called Terad 3 … it causes the rodent’s heart to calcify … in effect giving them little rodent heart attacks.

A predator like a coyote would have to eat a huge amount of the vitamin-laden rats to get sick …  according to experts in the field.

Rat poison is a minefield in Malibu…. the school district officials have come under heavy fire in past years for using other types of rat poison … which use anticoagulants to make rodents bleed to death.

Coyotes and mountain lions get poisoned as well.

The district has adapted  an integrated pest management plan … but lesser methods such as garbage pickup and bush trimming has not eliminated the rodents.

Santa Monica Malibu school officials .

This last winter’s rains have caused a huge uptick in rodent population … and the school has lots of garbage cans full of tasty things left by kids.

Trancas Riders Want Your Kids To Meet Horses

O-K … let’s say you are a parent and your kid loves horses.

But the back yard is definitely too small for a horse.

Solution … Trancas Riders and Ropers.

On Saturday … the group will have dressage clinic on Saturday morning.

Trancas Riders and Ropers are Malibu’s oldest civic group … going back nearly 70 years.

Member Paul Manion says the group is trying to keep horsemanship alive in Malibu … even for kids who are growing up in a suburb without many horses … anymore.


The dressage clinic is Saturday morning … it starts at 8 at the Malibu Equestrian Center… just behind Malibu High School.

Free …. bring your kids.

This Sounds Fun – 90 Degrees And Weeds

Also tomorrow  … Saturday …. Malibu is inviting you to pull weeds.

You can help the City maintain Legacy Park’s native landscape. 

The winter rains brought much needed water for native plants, but it also fed the non-native seeds hiding under the soil. 

Volunteers can not only help remove non-native weeds … but also learn about native vegetation from the City’s Naturalists. 

Call city hall today … you have to register … it seems … to pull weeds at Legacy Park.


Traffic … in 80 seconds ….


Weather for the Malibu ….

It will be ((((   hot   )))) today … highs around  ((((   86  )))) degrees today on the beach … ((((      99    )))) in the mountains above Malibu.

Winds will be over the mountains …. blowing at up to 25 miles per hour this afternoon.

We may have gusts to 40.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((     6:40    )))).

After that … expect it to be (((   warm and windy  )))) tonight … a low of  ((((   66   )))) on the beach … down to  ((((    66 )))) in the mountains.

Tomorrow should be   ((((    hot … 82 on the beach … and windy  )))).

Right now … at Trancas it’s ((((    61   )))) degrees.

In upper Malibu Canyon … ((((   70     )))) .

And at Civic Center Los Angeles … ((((   60    )))).

In the ocean … it’s ((((    63   )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((  2 feet high now …. up to 7 feet by tonight.    ))))

((((    Waves should peak in size tomorrow. ))))

Those are ((((  gonna be better than fair  )))) surfing conditions ….

(((((  The big waves come atop a six foot high tide at 10:03 this morning.

There’s a low tide at 4:26 PM .

Another high tide at 10:35 tonight.    ))))


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