Effective signaling


Hand signals have traditionally been used by motorists to communicate and now Rick Wallace suggests we use hand signals to tell drivers stuck in PCH traffic how long their delay may be. However, the city has emergency traffic radio, WPTD 1620 AM which was, presumably, intended to address our traffic congestion but has never been effective. The traffic delays at Corral Canyon due to the hillside slide problem are not reported consistently and when traffic conditions are reported, they are hours to a day old, making them useless. Our city council has never seemed interested in a solution. The sheriff’s helicopter cruises the coast regularly and could report PCH traffic conditions to WPTD as part of a contract with the city. Hopefully the new blood in our current council will take an interest.

Alessandra DeClario has me teamed up with Michael Berliner in a plot to overthrow the environmentalist movement in her letter, “Finding Wisdom.” After reading her dismal treatise it would make a reasonable person want to jump off the pier. On the bright side, here’s something she can sink her fangs into. Southern California Edison is planning to use the Pacific Ocean as part of its 500 Kilovolt Single Wire Earth Return electrical transmission system. Electrodes will be sunk in the ocean off Sunset Blvd. and PCH and terminate off Washington State.

Will zapped whales be washing up on our beaches? Will our investigative reporter, Alessandra, find the truth? Stand by.

Jack Singleton