Another vote for kids


    Nationally, PTA is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the educational opportunities of all children. As a nonpartisan organization, PTA does not endorse candidates; but, as an advocacy group, we definitely do support issues that impact our youth.

    Of paramount importance to our local PTA, and all our local public school children, is Proposition X. Proposition X is a $42,000,000 facilities bond that has been placed on the upcoming Nov. 3 ballot by our board of education. Our PTA council, which is comprised of representatives from all of the Santa Monica and Malibu public schools, unanimously passed the following resolution:

    “The Santa Monica-Malibu Council of PTAs strongly and enthusiastically endorses Proposition X to improve and maintain learning facilities for all Santa Monica-Malibu students.”

    National and state polls consistently show that education is a top concern for all Americans. Proposition X is our chance to make a huge improvement in the schooling of all Santa Monica and Malibu public school children – today, and in the years ahead.

    Financially, this is an excellent time to support our schools. Due to remarkably favorable economic circumstances, passage of Proposition X will not increase current property taxes for residents or businesses. Furthermore, if Proposition 1A, the State School Facilities Bond, also passes, Proposition X will provide the funds required to qualify for state matching funds! And, Proposition 1A also (for entirely different reasons) will not increase property taxes!

    Santa Monica and Malibu voters, with and without school-age children, have always supported our schools. This has served our communities and our children well. Once again, we urge you to reaffirm your commitment to our children, their future, and our future by supporting the improvement of our local public schools and voting for Proposition X.

    Louise Jaffe

    president, Santa Monica-Malibu Council of PTAs