Letter: Political Civility

Letter to the Editor

In response to “Pot Calls the Kettle Black” published on Sept. 27.

In November, Students for Justice in Palestine is hosting a conference at UCLA. When the speakers preach Holocaust-denial and anti-Semitism as expected, administrators probably won’t interfere since criticism of Islam is forbidden on the political left. Perhaps that’s why Democrats ignore reports that Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, repeatedly abused his girlfriend. Indeed, Ellison’s former mentor, Islamist Louis Farrakhan, is idolized by some feminist leaders. So, in some strange way, it made sense that Farrakhan was onstage with former President Clinton, who was ogling Ariana Grande at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. This definitely isn’t your grandmother’s Democratic party.

It seemed apparent from Stephen Krashen’s Sept. 27 letter about my criticism of Democrats that he wasn’t aware Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c*nt” on national TV. No Republican would’ve been as ugly to President Obama’s daughters, so why is this happening?

I believe many Democrats have been hit by a “one-two punch” with the election of Obama, followed by Trump. They so adored Obama that they went into a kind of denial when he tried to redirect foreign policy away from Israel, the only middle east democracy, and toward Iran, the world’s biggest terrorist-sponsor. Now they can’t admit that, despite Trump’s unconventional style, the economy’s humming along and things are going reasonably well. Their hatred of Trump was fomented by the leftist media, which wallows in the same Washington “swamp” Trump is trying to drain.

Mr. Krashen suggested I was taking it personally; I am. I have two daughters and I fear for our children’s future. The next generation is being indoctrinated by a leftist media and academia who condemn patriotism, see only evil in American history, and hate Israel. Consequently, Democratic leaders increasing condemn all white people, and there’s a rise in anti-Semitism on the American left—unimaginable a decade ago. So I say respectfully to my Democratic friends and family: snap out of it. Obama didn’t deserve worship, Trump doesn’t deserve demonization, and we must bring freedom of speech and civility back to politics. 

Rueben Gordon