Letter: Delightful

Letter to the Editor

I read the city manager’s demand letter from her attorney with great delight. I did not expect Mr. Silverstein to succeed so quickly. We are so lucky to have such an effective leader on the city council. I cannot wait to see what else he is able to accomplish with the same speed. Perhaps he can cure the homeless problem next week, or cure COVID. The sky appears to be the limit for this guy.

P.S. My favorite part of the letter was when the lawyer wrote “we note that as a newly elected member of the City Council, Mr. Silverstein should show deference and respect for those who can teach him the rules and procedures for getting the business of the City done.” The notion that Silverstein, who ran—and won—on a platform of removing Ms. Feldman should show her deference so that she can teach him the “rules” and “procedures” is high farce.

Wolf Everling