Letter: Road Rules

Letter to the Editor

PCH is a disaster and it is only getting worse. How many of us have had a friend or family member die or suffer serious injury on PCH? There is now a death on PCH every four months; this is immoral.

Less importantly, how many times do we have to endure endless traffic jams? Do you know that even with our very large tax base, the city only funds four Sheriffs in Malibu? We need many more to manage the complexity of PCH alone. This situation is outrageous given the swarms of people who now travel here all year.

Here are some solutions that could help. Some are more doable than others, but all are worth debating:

Traffic safety:

•Install intermittent cement barriers on PCH to stop illegal U turns, which have caused too many deaths and accidents

On busy days, station sheriffs in areas where people amass and make illegal turns and jay walk on PCH, and issue tickets to violators. This means areas around Moonshadows, Dukes, The Fishmarket, Winding Way trailhead, Paradise Cove, Zuma and La Piedra beaches. And Sheriffs, please patrol these areas instead of setting speed traps for commuters and moms on weekdays.

•Make it illegal for motorcycles to pass in between lanes on PCH.

•Ticket bicyclers who block lanes or who ride erratically.

•Make parking anywhere on PCH illegal.

Traffic control:

•During peak hours, have the sheriffs wave traffic through the lights on Kanan Road and PCH, Cross Creek and especially the light at Duke’s, which is a nightmare and causes much of the terrible traffic that we endure. The sheriffs almost never help with this … why?

•Ticket drivers who drive too slow in the left hand lane.

•Time the lights correctly.

•Make PCH a toll road.

Our lives are severely impacted by PCH and it will not stop unless we complain loudly. The City, state and police are not changing PCH fast enough.

Matt Borenzweig