One of us has to go


    I have a new neighbor

    And it’s not going well

    She’s lean and she’s mean

    She’s a neighbor from Hell!

    My telephone rang

    ‘Twas her voice breathing hard

    She had just seen “my” rat

    It had come from my yard!

    She knocked on my door

    All puffin’ and wheezin’

    My lilacs must go

    They had started her sneezin’

    My cat scratched her dog

    Who was out roaming free

    She had him stitched up

    And sent us the fee.

    I must admit that this terrible hellion

    Is inspiring thoughts

    That are most Machiavellian

    I’m concocting a plan

    For some fool-proof caper

    To send her out packing

    May the devil take her!

    Geraldine Forer Spagnoli