Pepperdine Launches Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Culture

Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University announced the launch of its new Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Culture (iEMC) on Wednesday, Oct. 14. 

Led by Executive Director John Mooney and Creative Director Craig Detweiler, iEMC will collaborate with Pepperdine’s five schools to both enhance current media-related curriculum and establish new initiatives. 

The institute was developed as a result of a two-year study by a committee of Pepperdine’s leading educators and administrators.

The institute’s programs for graduate students include a new M.F.A in Cinematic Media Production as well as M.F.A offerings in Writing for Screen and Television and in Strategic Communication. Undergraduates will be able to focus on acting, advertising, film studies, integrated marketing, journalism, media productions and public relations.

Over 1,100 Pepperdine students already specialize in entertainment or media-related majors, 250 of whom intern for leading media companies each year.

“Our vision is to prepare our graduates for successful roles as creative artists, managers, or lawyers within the rapidly transforming arenas of entertainment and media,” Mooney said in a statement from the university. “In addition, the institute will nurture the development of new learning modules that will be practice-based, immersive and interdisciplinary.”

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