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Ever-gracious Liane Weintraub will be brushing up on all things literary as she gears up for one of those amazing Odyssey Dinners. Liane and hubby Richard will open their fab Malibu ocean-view villa to 30 lucky guests to help raise funds for the Los Angeles Public Library.

“It was such a pleasure to host the dinner last year,” says Weintraub, “and we are looking forward to doing it again.” The guest of honor will be author Susan Fales-Hill, whose latest work is called “Always War Joy: My Mother Bold and Beautiful.”

Another big Malibu bash will be hosted by Nancy Daly and Richard Riordan at their expansive PCH spread. Their guest of note will be Spartacus himself. Legendary actor Kirk Douglas has turned his talents to writing with an uplifting book, entitled “My Stoke of Luck.”

Douglas writes about his recovery from a stroke with inspiration and humor. “I realized a lot of things I never thought of before,” says the Hollywood icon. “I realized you can’t live if you can’t laugh at yourself.”

In addition to the stellar company, the food will be first class with a flavorful feast prepared by super hot chef Suzanne Goin of Lucques and A.O.C.

Speaking of culinary celebs, things will really be cooking with Valentino’s Piero Selvaggio. He’ll recount tales from the kitchen at his own delicious dinner in Brentwood. Patina’s Joaquim Splichal, meantime, will be dishing the dish in San Marino.

The elegant eat-a-thons take place at some of the city’s most incredible locales, and each one features great grub as well as the company of a best-selling author or sought-after scribe. Wallis Annenberg’s guest of honor will be Michael Crichton, the man behind “Jurassic Park,” “The Andromeda Strain” and “Prey.”

Other E-tickets on this literary ride include an evening of time travel back to Renaissance Rome with Ross King, author of “Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling.”

More juicy tidbits will be shared at Ginny Mancini’s shindig in Westwood, where guests will get the inside scoop from entertainment columnist Robert Osborn of the Hollywood Reporter.

In Bev Hills, Mary and Norm Patitz will be talking Tinseltown with “Good Morning America’s” Joel Siegel.

The 50 dinners take place on Nov 3. The proceeds benefit reading programs for children and teens at the Los Angeles Public Library.

“It’s always a very special event,” explains Weintraub, “because people come together in such intimate settings for such an excellent cause.”

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