District Divorce at SaMo – Chain Stores at City Hall – Art Festival Gets Makeover


A scary night on the football field … but the kid is O-K.

Crucial divorce talks tonight … Malibu needs a cheering section.

The city tries to regulate chain stores … again.

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Malibu Player Choppered Out With Back Injury

A Malibu High football player is home and walking around … after a very scary night at Malibu High School’s football field.

Brendan Chasen was slammed by an opposing player from Santa Clara high from Oxnard.

He couldn’t get up… he couldn’t move.

Paramedics … and ambulance … a county helicopter landing at Zuma Beach.

Chasen was checked out at a hospital in Los Angeles … given an M-R-I … released … and was home the next morning with a sore back.

He’ll miss practices this week … but may be playing again later this season.

As for the injury on the field … it was emblematic for th enight.

Santa Clara beat Malibu … 52-0.

AMPS Needs You At School Board Tonight at 5 in SM

A critical school board meeting is tonight in Santa Monica.

The Santa Monica Malibu school divorce is on the agenda.

The only thing on the agenda.

No formal vote is scheduled …. and the Santa Monica based school board really doesn;t have a say in the matter.

But it’s potential support is viewed as a good thing by Advocates for Malibu Public Schools.

Here’s where things stand … and warning … this is a severely boiled down version of a very, very complicated legal strategy and situation.

The City of Malibu has already petitioned the L A County Office of Education for a separate school district.

That petition goes before a committee … day after tomorrow … in a formal presentation.

And importantly … that petition does not have any financial sweeteners for the leftover Santa Monica district.

In other words … no money would go from Malibu to Santa Monica under the petition before the Office of Education under the petition under considerations right now.

That would be divorce without child support.

And that’s an important bargaining point.

Malibu’s property tax rolls are rich.

Tax money flows to Santa Monica schools from Malibu … a lot of money.

Malibu’s negotiators are proposing to offset the financial loses to Santa Monica that Malibu independence would cause ,,, by sending formal payments down the coast.

A lot of money … 122 million dollars over the next 13 years.

But even with those payments …. the total amount of money available per student to kids in Santa Monica would be diminished …. and that’s a bitter pill for the Santa Monica school board members to swallow.

That money … to be clear … is already being siphoned out of Malibu to Santa Monica schools.

And the school district divorce would not increase taxes.

And it would still leave the new Malibu school district far in excess of the money it needs … the per student funding … than the state average.

Tonight’s school board meeting … according to AMPS … is crucial.

AMPS is hoping for a huge show of force.

The meeting is at 5 tonight at the Santa Monica school board offices … 16h Street at Olympic Boulevard in Santa Monica.

CORRECTION: This article was corrected to make the presentation to the County on Nov. 1 instead of Oct. 31. 

City Hall Tackles Chain Stores – Again

And at this end of the beach… the Malibu Planning Commission tonight considers chain stores.

As you recall … the state courts have thrown out as unconstitutional the Malibu voters referendum … Measure R … which would have done two things.

It would of required a public yes vote on new shopping center construction … that’s absolutely unconstitutional.

And it would have clamped down on chain stores in those shopping centers.

The problem that the courts had was not with the idea of restricting chain stores … it was with restricting certain brands.

The original Measure R would have required a new chain store tenant to apply for coastal use permits to move into a particular space … even if that space had already been hosting a different but similar chain store.

You can’t do that … says the state Court of Appeal … a zoning rule has to run with the land … not with the tenant.

But the city attorney thinks there’s room to go back with a different chain store ordinance. … which would pass constitutional tests in court.

City attorney Christi Hogin has taken the original Measure R language … clarified it somewhat … and that’s what goes before the Planning Commission tonight … at 6 … at City Hall.

The clamor for chain store regulations came about when Whole Foods proposed a store at Cross Creek.

Retail chain stores were kicking out local businesses … driving rents up.

Since then … the American retail industry has hit the skids … shopping centers have vacant spots … even in Malibu.

And several small stores … even those with generous rent breaks … have simply gone out of business.


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Student Loses Mother, Driver Faces Misdemeanor 

The Los Angeles Times has a heartbreaking story today … about a Pepperdine University student who lost her mother on Las Virgenes Road … mowed down by a pickup truck driver in a crosswalk.

The pickup truck was driven by woman named Nicole Herschel  … according to the C H P.

The student … Yiging Chen … and her mother … Hongfen Shen … were crossing with a green light near the Albertson’s supermarket in Calabasas.

A woman in a pickup truck … her attention she says was diverted by her dog …  struck the two.

What happened next … according to the LA Times … was nearly unspeakable.

According to witnesses … the driver jumped out of her truck … grabbed the fatally injured woman … dragged her out of traffic … and then reversed her pickup truck through traffic …down the street .. and parked it.

She told C H P officers she was not involved in the crash … but had stopped to assist.

The LA Times reports that the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office filed only a misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter … a charge that carries a maximum penalty of a year in County Jail.

Herschel, 36, has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The student is outraged that more serious charges have not been filed.

Her lawyer says the case calls for felony charges of both manslaughter and hit-and-run.

The entire story … a compelling read … is in the LA Times … and we have a link to it on our website.


Malibu Arts Festival Transforms, Reemerges In 3 Weeks

The Malibu Art Walk disappeared last summer … as the Chamber of Commerce changed boards of directors and hired a new executive director.

Regrouping … the 46th Annual Malibu Art Walk Festival will be held at the three shopping center along Cross Creek Road in downtown Malibu.

This will be Friday …November 17th through Sunday the 19th.

It’s a change in venue from the Civic Center site.

A Fine Arts Village will be created in Malibu Village … an Art Walk will wind throughout the Cross Creek Shopping Center.

A sculpture garden will be set up in the Country Mart courtyard.

And handmade artisan crafts and live portraiture will be featured across Cross Creek Road in the Malibu Lumber Yard.

World Music and live bands will perform along the picturesque Malibu Creek estuary that flows into Malibu Lagoon.

There will be a park and ride shuttle from the vacant lot at Webb Way at Civic Center Way.

The Chamber has issued a call to artists who may want to exhibit.

More information is available at the chamber’s website … w-w-w malibu dot org .


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Weather for the Malibu ….

It will be ((((    cloudy and gray most of   )))) today … highs around  ((((   65   )))) degrees today on the beach … ((((   68   )))) in the mountains above Malibu.

Downcoast winds will be  gentle … about   (((   10  )))) miles per hour this afternoon.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((   6:01    )))).

After that … expect it to be (((   drizzly and breezy   )))) tonight … with a 20 percent chance of rain after 11.

Expect a low of  ((((  56  )))) on the beach … down to  ((((   51   )))) in the mountains.

Tomorrow should be   ((((   a 20 percent chance of rain in the morning,   )))).

Right now … at Trancas it’s ((((   63    )))) degrees.

In upper Malibu Canyon … ((((    56   )))) .

And at Civic Center Los Angeles … ((((   65   )))).

In the ocean … it’s ((((    63   )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((   2 up to 5  )))) feet high ….

((((  Coming down the coast from the west … Long period NW swell likely eases. Larger sets up to 5 feet.  ))))

Those are ((((  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

(((((   Tide is going out now to a low tide  at  1:01 PM

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