Talkin’ trash


    Well, it’s trash day again and as usual, as the trash truck traverses our street, trash descends from the truck landing on the road, driveways and into the wildflower blooming lots. I do not understand why this must happen week after week. Cleaning up trash that was in the trash receptacle and now thanks to our trash collectors gets deposited back into the environment is defeating the purpose. Then we have the seagulls at the beach emptying the trash cans as soon as you walk away. I am sure there exists out there seagull proof trash cans — and if not someone out there invent one. But, this is not the biggest trash problem we have. Littering humans is by far a much greater problem, especially when the weather is good, our roads and beaches swell with the influx of visitors. Why don’t we enforce our littering laws, even just for a few months and see how quickly the littering stops when you start handing out $500 and $1000 tickets. Yes! One thousand dollars.

    Have you actually comprehended those littering signs as you pass them each day in your daily travels? Think of all the revenue it would generate as well as a clean Malibu for all of us to enjoy. Let us set an example and be the first to actually enforce this law and see how fast other cities and towns follow suit. There are nothing but benefits from this course of action.

    Now, let the powers that be make this happen.

    Marc Johnson