Racy Jewish revue comes to Malibu.

"Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad" plays at The Malibu Inn Aug. 1. Photo by Dan King

In the early ’90s, a pair of would-be rappers calling themselves “Two Live Jews” came out with their hit comedy album, “As Kosher as They Want to Be,” featuring songs like “Shake Your Tuchas” and “Oy! It’s So Humid.” Now a team of spirited sisters are giving those Yid kids a run for the money.

They’re wild, they’re raunchy, they’re “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad” and these chicks with shticks are coming to Malibu. With their Gucci bags and trashy lingerie, they are described as being the ones who “smoked in Hebrew school, got drunk at their bat mitzvahs and would rather have more schtuppa than chupah.”

Susannah Perlman, a comedy circuit regular who helped put the act together four years ago, takes delight in creating some tsuris.

“We are the girls your rabbi warned you about,” the self-styled ringleader said. “We are breaking Jewish stereotypes. It’s the borscht belt redefined.”

The variety show is a mixed bag with a little song, a little dance, a smattering of stand-up and bit of burlesque. The show also features comedians Cynthia Levin (Comedy Central), Shawn Pelofsky, Jessica Golden (Montreal Comedy Festival) and, as stated in the show’s press release, “our special guest boy,” Joel Moss (Planet Smoothie’s Cupman). The production comes to The Malibu Inn for one night on Aug. 1.

While it may be racy, Perlman said the revue is all about having a night of good-natured fun.

“We do a go-go version of ‘Hava Nagila,’ we do a Hasidic strip tease and we lampoon Barbra Streisand.”

The various wardrobe changes include everything from “something your aunt would wear to a bar mitzvah in 1955” to “A J-Date wedding dress,” also called “wishful thinking,” and flashy fashion accessories made from the Star of David. The rotating cast members are familiar faces on HBO, Comedy Central and MTV.

The show has not only attracted eyeballs, it seems to have legs. The girls have played cities from Chicago to Pittsburgh, the Catskills to Montreal and have been written up everywhere from the Jewish Advocate to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Perlman, a 35-year-old Pittsburgh native, said she doesn’t think the fun-loving clan will ruffle conservative feathers. “We’ve had plenty of rabbis in the audience and they love the show. We get all kinds of reactions, but there is something for everyone.”

The show will tour Southern and Central California before going off-Broadway this fall. When asked if the show could be bound for the big time, Perlman gives an optimistic -“Oy! Never know,” she said. “Your mouth to God’s ears.”

So if you’re up for a little mishegas, break out your best schmattah and schlep over to The Malibu Inn. “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad.” Try it. You’ll like it.

“Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad” plays for one night, Aug. 1, at The Malibu Inn, 8 p.m. Tickets are $15. 310.456.6060